Control Relay Panel Wiring Technician

Greer, South Carolina 29650


** Must have a minimum of 2 years industrial experience "point to point wiring" for Electrical Relay Control Panels.**

KVA Inc., provides services to the Electric Utility Industry in the area of panel manufacturing, substation construction, substation maintenance and quality oversight.

KVA is currently seeking an Control Relay Panel Wiring Technician with direct work experience on assembly and panel fabrication.

Responsibilities and Duties

Performs a combination of tasks to assemble electronic components, subassemblies, products, or systems. Reads client specifications, electrical schematics, production drawings and assemblies, or receives verbal instructions regarding duties to be performed

  • Must have industrial background - Wiring and building industrial relay control panels and interface equipment based on electrical schematics, and/or wire lists
  • Experience with panel fabrication and build, component lay out, electrical enclosures, electrical assemblies, and controls
  • Connects wires between individual component leads and other components, connectors, terminals, and contact points. Cuts wire to specified lengths and Routes, combs, twists, wraps, ties, and attaches wire to terminal points
  • Positions and aligns parts in specified relationship to each other using mechanical drawings and layouts
  • Mounts assembled control components, such as terminal blocks, fuse holders, control relays, circuit breakers, switches, on rack mount panels/enclosure using crimps, screws, bolts, rivets, solder, or perform similar operations to join or secure parts in place, using hand tools, power tools, and automation equipment
  • Installs finished assemblies or subassemblies in panel racks, termination cabinets and control houses as applicable
  • Assembles and attaches hardware, such as caps, clamps, knobs, and switches, to electrical control assemblies
  • Performs in production inspection, conducts functional and continuity tests of electrical assemblies, components, wire harness, and plugs, using an ohmmeter, test lights, and other electrical testing instruments to ensure parts and assemblies meet production specifications and standards

Qualifications and Skills

  • Must have a minimum of two (2) years hands-on industrial electrical control panel build experience
  • High School Diploma or GED required, Technical Degree preferred

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