Meter Utility Supervisor

New Orleans, LA, Louisiana 70032

Job Description

Position Title: Project Supervisor

Job Status: Hourly

Reports to: Project Manager

Subordinates: Leads, AMR/AMI Teams

  • Position Purpose:

Responsible for leading, directing, motivating, training, planning, including the retention and hiring new employees;

  • Orientation for New Hires
  • AMI Technicians Qualification and Documentation
  • Meter Pro Training
  • Utility Compliance
  • Daily Safety Meetings
  • Safety Performance/Investigations
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Fleet Maintenance/Fuel Management
  • Essential Functions:

Good communication skills at all levels of the company. Communicate field services technology and procedures to both client and employees. Supervisor should have high standards of accuracy and flexibility while multi-tasking. Ability to operate independently, set priorities, good teamwork orientation as well as highly innovative to grow with the company. Possess and maintain good driving record to meet company standards. Expertise to meet or quickly learn to meet the expectations of personal growth within the company.

III. Responsibilities:

Management skills:

  • Ensure field service orders are completed safely, accurately, completely and on time.
  • Hire, train, develop and maintain staffing.
  • Provide employees an employee manual and cover the benefits that will be afforded to them.
  • Lead by example and encourage teamwork.
  • Assesses employees’ comprehension of skills and abilities in both theory and application...
  • Maintain excellent working relationships with clients and customers.
  • Maintain working relationships with all employees.
  • Schedule AMI Techinicans daily tasks to ensure effective utilization of all company assets.
  • Communicate effectively with subordinates, peers and members of management.
  • Responsible for monitoring the performance of all work and recommend action plans to improve performance and quality of work. Closely monitors performance measures and make necessary adjustment to meet required measures daily.
  • Abide by, convey and enforce all company policies.
  • Plan and organize all daily tasks.
  • Ensure all employees are in compliance with client’s policies and procedures.
  • Monitor and control costs.
  • Resolve all employees’ conflicts and perform required documentation or termination as required.
  • Fleet Maintenance and repairs must be monitored via vehicle records and daily inspection forms. Vehicle(s) with problems must be repaired once problem has been discovered or at regular maintenance interval. Maintenance and cost must be monitored and documented.
  • Fuel cards are assigned to each vehicle. These cards can be used to obtain maintenance, and cards must be maintained with vehicles when service is being requested. If a card is missing the card must be canceled and a request must be submitted for replacement. Upon the termination of an employee for any reason, their gas pin must be canceled.
  • Perform other duties as requested by management.

Administrative Skills

  • Complete and provide all daily reports.
  • Report all accidents and incidents immediately. Investigate as directed by Project Manager and follow up appropriately.
  • Resolve customer complaints, inquiries and damage claims in a professional and timely manner.
  • Evaluate and document employee performance at designated intervals.
  • Maintain documentation of personnel issues.
  • Complete and provide all weekly and monthly reports.
  • Adhere to confidentiality policies and ensure confidentiality of all employees’ records.

Direct Work

  • Conduct ride along with all AMI Technicians as directed by requirements.
  • Conduct and complete all audits on time.
  • Maintain proficiency with Excel, MS Word, Outlook, WOMS and WEB UI Applications to assist in monitoring, maintaining and documenting required responsibilities.
  • Ensure all orders are completed and uploaded correctly and on time.
  • Maintain communication with AMI Technicians in field and scheduling to ensure all orders are completed.

Safety and Training

  • Convey and encourage a safe work environment and attitude.
  • Ensure daily safety meetings are held, documented and recorded in each employee personnel folder and proper reporting procedures are followed.
  • Adhere to all Scope Services and client’s safety procedures
  • Adhere to and ensure all personnel adhere to Scope Services Driving Program and all defensive driving training and requirements.
  • Safety performance must adhere to and exceed client’s requirements
  • Ensure daily and weekly vehicle reports are completed and reviewed for maintenance and repairs.
  • Physically investigate all incidents (auto and personal).
  • Train and develop competency levels of all employees in field service with provided training materials and document all training.
  • Periodically provide refresher training and document all training in training files.
  • Qualifications:
  • A general educational knowledge normally acquired through a high school diploma or a GED
  • A minimum of 2 years supervisory and proven leadership experience in the utility or AMI industry is desired
  • Working knowledge of all aspects of Electric, Gas, & Water AMI/AMR Metering/Installations troubleshooting and field deployments is preferred.
  • Valid driver’s license
  • Good driving record with acceptable criminal record and negative drug screen.
  • Personal Attributes
  • Strong leadership skills.
  • Skills for data entry. (Microsoft software)
  • Excellent written, oral, and interpersonal communication skills.
  • Highly self-motivated, self-directed, and attentive to detail.
  • Ability to effectively prioritize and execute tasks in a high-pressure environment.
  • Capable of working in a team-oriented, collaborative environment.
  • Good understanding of operations and basic customer service needs. .
  • Familiar with all company policies and procedures including the Scope Services Safety Manual.
  • Physical Requirements:
  • Ability to work in confined spaces, heights, and around moving mechanical parts.
  • Normal abilities to perform stooping, crawling, reaching, twisting/standing.
  • Ability to walk, sit or stand for extended periods of time
  • Ability to operate a motor vehicle safely for extended periods of time
  • Normal functioning senses, good eyesight, color vision, field and depth perception.
  • Environmental Requirements:
  • Environment will be inside and outside conditions.
  • Exposure to heat, cold, fumes, dust, noise and water.
  • Must be willing to work extended and irregular hours.
  • Ability to adjust to inclement weather changes.
  • Work around all types of animals.

Job Type: Full-time

Salary: $16.00 to $20.00 /hour

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